Backward Genealogy

Genealogy is a great way to learn about local history. I often partake in what I like to call backward genealogy, in which I will be out in the community sightseeing and will come across a stone such as George Clinton’s here in Kingston, NY. I will observe the object in front of me, which often results in the discovery of new historical facts that help me obtain a better understanding of the overall story of what it means to be an “Upstate New Yorker.” I will take a picture of what I see, and at a later time I will look up the individual to read more about their ancestors and their descendants. Sometimes, if I notice a familiar surname in their tree, I may take the time to try and find a link in my family tree that crosses the subjects in front of me if possible.

George Clinton was the son of Charles Clinton and Elizabeth (Denniston) Clinton. He was born in Little Britain, Ulster County, New York on 26 Jul 1739. He married Sarah Cornelia (Tappen) Clinton and several children. He was the first Governor of New York State and the 4th Vice President of the United States serving under Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

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