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Coincidentally, I just received this month’s issue of “Professional Voice” from the Association of Professional Genealogists with an article titled “Avoiding Lineage Application Mistakes Tips for Success.” This couldn’t have been better timing since I am working on a project for a client with the DAR application in mind. Most importantly, it sounds like many people make the mistake of providing too much information and many lineage societies have a “one fact – one document” rule.

I reached out to the Town of Day, Historian, Dave Davidson, who provided me with a copy of a document that a previous researcher by the name of Kelly Burgess gave to him. She had located a marvelous document for Daniel Allen that she found in her aunts attic in Detroit:

This is a very exciting find because the Town of Day has little if any genealogical records as they were damaged in a fire. Also, it turns out that someone else had filed an application with the DAR, so we ordered a copy of the supplemental documents in order to help with my client’s application. This will be a huge time saver. So, if you are looking to apply to the DAR or any lineage society make sure to check and see if there are prior applications related to your family.

Let’s talk about Henan Hamilton Allen for a bit. He was the son of a prominent farmer named John Humphrey Allen (1833-1896) and his wife Celestia M Austin (1840 – 1880).

Rough draft of Henan’s Ancestry (In progress)

1870 U.S. Federal Census for the Town of Day, Saratoga County, New York, lists Henan at the age of 3. Skip ahead five years, to the NYS Census for 1875, Henan is listed as 9-years-old. Both of these documents are fairly difficult to read.

Figure 1. 1870 US. Federal Census for Day New York

Figure 2. 1875 NYS Census Day, New York

A clearer image is found for the 1880 US Federal Census in the Allen household, which shows 15 year old Henan living with his father “Humphrey Allen”. It should be noted that Celestia is no longer indicated as living with the family as she passed away on 21 Mar 1880.

Figure 3 1880 U.S. Federal Census for Day, Saratoga County, New York

Henan and Edith Springer married on 6 April 1885 in Day when they were about 19 years old. They had the following children all born in the town of Day:

  1. Jesse James Allen (1885 – 1968)

  2. Rodolphus Allen (1887 – 1968)

  3. Lena E Allen (c.1889 – ?)

  4. Orson E Allen (c.1893 – 1985)

  5. Avery Alvah Allen (1897 – 1985)

  6. Ella E Allen (c. 1901 – ?)

  7. Hugh Oleon Allen (1907 – 1981)

  8. Iva Mabel Allen (1909 – 2002)

The New York State 1915 Census, shows Henan H Allen, a farmer as head of household at the age of 49 in Day and he is also listed on the 1925 census at the age of 59 living with his daughter Iva Allen.

Figure 4 NYS 1915 Census Day, Saratoga County, New York

Figure 5 NYS 1925 Census for Day, Saratoga County, New York

Edith Springer was the daughter of Peter Springer (c. 1826 – ?) and Jane Springer (c. 1824 – ?), and was born around 1866 in Saratoga Springs, New York, USA. (I still need to get a copy of Edith’s vital records).

Edith Allen (Nee Springer) passed away on 5 Dec 1936 in Lake Luzerne, Hadley, Saratoga County, New York.

In 1936 Henan and Edith were the Grantee’s of a Deed from Wallace T Kathan & Wife in Day (Saratoga County Clerk Deeds Book 387 Page 15 & 16).

We have quite a few vital records that need to be requested from the NYS DOH. Unfortunately, genealogy requests in New York tend to take 8 months or longer so we may be waiting for quite some time.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Conklingville, The Town of Day, and its surroundings, it is important to note that there was a major project proposed by the State to construct the Sacandaga Reservoir. In order to accumulate the necessary land for the reservoir and the Conklingville Dam in Hadley, many residents were forced to leave their homes and for their deceased loved ones’ bodies to be removed from cemeteries. One particular cemetery was known as Christian Church Cemetery located in the Town of Day, which is where John H. Allen and Celestia M Austin were buried.

Documentation showing the lot locations in connection with the construction of the Sacandaga Reservoir provides some detailed information. As one can imagine, the majority of the families were not happy to be forced to leave their homes.

Lot location for John, Celestia, Lucy Benson, Infant son, Allen infant & Ethan Allen

Interments in HRRD Cemetery retrieved from Ancestry user Gary Ovitt.

The Town of Edinburgh provides an overview of the history regarding the flooding of the Sacandaga River and the construction of the Conklingville Dam in the 1920’s. Additionally, local historians contributed to the production of a documentary, “Harnessing Nature, Building the Great Sacandaga” which is highly recommended and both DVD or Digital Copy are available for purchase online.

I will continue the overview of the application process to the D.A.R. In future posts. Stay tuned.

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