The Historical Marker Database

Have you ever been out on the road and you are driving 55mph and fly past a historical marker and get bummed out because you didn’t catch what it said?

What better way to find out what you were missing than to visit The Historical Marker Database at ?

Or perhaps you know of some obscure historical marker that you think deserves more public acknowledgement than it is currently receiving? You can add it to the collection!

The mapping option is an excellent resource to see where all the historical markers are in your area.

Maybe you want to see a random historical marker each day and expand your historical horizons…just click the star icon.

Whatever the case may be this website is a great resource that offers “Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

The website “is an illustrated searchable online catalog of historical information viewed through the filter of roadside and other permanent outdoor markers, monuments, and plaques. It contains photographs, inscription transcriptions, marker locations, maps, additional information and commentary, and links to more information. Anyone can add new markers to the database and update existing marker pages with new photographs, links, information and commentary.”

Perhaps you would like to know more about “New Hampshire at the Battle of Bennington” in Vermont?


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