If you take a moment to plot out the events you have collected for a persons life you can discover information that you may not have considered before. Or you may notice that the information you have is not accurate. It’s a great way to “double check” your work. Adobe has a great program called Spark that can assist you in the creation of your timeline. This program is very user friendly, simple, and easy to navigate. There are several different styles you may choose from to present your data. You can also add pictures if you would like. It is important to decide how much detailed information to put on the timeline, since you don’t want to make it too cluttered.

Here is a timeline I created recently for a subject that I am researching. I don’t have a lot of information on him so by plotting out a timeline, I can see where he lived at the time each of his children was born. The goal for Mr. Caimanos is to locate where he was born and when/where he died.

Timeline for Christos Caimanos Created with Adobe Spark

One thing came to my attention whilst preparing this timeline: Christos’ sons Theodore and George were both born on the same date, 14 August 1903 in Marbelup, Albany City, Australia. Hmmmm. I wonder are these twins? Or perhaps there is an error and Theodore and George are the same person? So, I go back and check my sources.

According to the Australia, Birth Index, 1788-1922 there appears to be two distinct records for the birth of Theodore and George in 1903. Registration Number 5623 for George and Registration Number 5622 for Theodore. Unfortunately the Index does not specify the date of birth and an original copy will need to be requested for confirmation. But it would appear that they are two different people and were likely twins. This is somewhat exciting and I’m curious to know if they were identical twins or not.

George Caimanos Birth Index Registration Number 5623

Theodore Caimanos Birth Index Registration Number 5622

It takes about 15 minutes to create a simple timeline using Adobe Spark. You may also plot this out by hand on graph paper and pencil if you prefer to. Either way, you will attain a nice visual which can be another fantastic tool for your genealogical research.

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