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I’ve been working from home for my day job since middle of March when everything went on pause due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Along with the rest of you, I have been adjusting to new changes and trying to find my way through this chaotic time. I started a folder on my computer a “COVID 19 Time Capsule” in which I’ve been saving various articles, photos, thoughts etc. This major worldwide disaster is being well documented and I’ve been struggling with a genealogist writer’s block lately it seems. I will not be writing anything in this blog about the ongoing pandemic.

Surprisingly, my genealogy work has seen an increase in clients during this time and I’ve somehow managed to work my way through six projects over the last three months. I love doing the research and collecting all of the data. However, writing out a detailed report of my findings is challenging because I want to do it correctly. I’ve noticed that the distractions of the outside world are sneaking their way into my brain and causing it to go blank. This state of mind ebbs and flows every few days. I would like to get these reports to my clients quicker than I have been able to. I need to find a way to organize my research more efficiently. Nonetheless, I’ve been receiving very positive feedback from my clients. This warms my heart and keeps me moving forward.

Change is inevitable and I intend to continue to work on this blog and to find better ways to compile all of my data. I’ve decided to try out a new genealogy software called Heredis to help me accomplish this mission. I have tried many of the genealogy software out there, most of which look like they were made in the mid 1990’s. Heredis brings a nicer modern platform that I look forward to using. If you have been working with me you will notice that my reports may start to change (and hopefully improve!) due to this new endeavor.

Furthermore, I’m looking into “flip books” to help make the presentation of my work look more professional. Flip books are created based on .pdf documents which turns them into a more readable and interactive digital booklet. My goal is to not just write your standard genealogy report but to actually put together the work into a nice visual that can be easily shared with friends and family. Currently, I’m trying out Calaméo. Let me know if you have any recommendations in the “flip book world.”

Actually, I just realized that both Heredis and Calaméo are companies based out of France! C’est très bon!

I hope that my ability to focus and prepare reports improves over the next couple of months and look forward to sharing more blog posts and projects in the future!

Preview of a Genealogy Flip Book

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